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Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

We were contracted to provide commissioning services for the new five-story, 221,000 sf Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital located in Boston, MA. The new inpatient and outpatient facility received LEED Gold Certification through the USGBC New Construction version 2.2 program.

Bullet LEED Gold certified
Bullet Boston Society of Architects award-sustainable design

Our scope of commissioning services was to provide consulting engineering services and onsite performance testing observations to verify that the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems meet the design intent. Also, we provided commissioning support during the design, construction, acceptance, and post-occupancy phases.

Systems included air handling units, including H&V units, chilled water plant and plate and frame HX; boiler plant; exhaust fans, including smoke control, variable volume boxes with hot water reheat; and domestic hot water distribution system. Fire pumps, medical gasses, compressedair/vacuum systems, and emergency/life safety systems were verified to ensure they met design intent. Commissioning also completed test and air balancing reviews and performed an electrical coordination study.

Commissioning was also performed on the building management system, lighting controls, fuel cell, UPS and batteries/fly wheel, high voltage switchgear, medium voltage unit substations, emergency generators, including paralleling gear,and automatic transfer switches.

The project won the 2013 Boston Society of Architects award in sustainable design.