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Tremont Street Churches


Light Boston, a citizen’s advocacy group, retained WSP USA to assist with the restoration and upgrade of façade lighting of four historic churches on Tremont Street in Boston, namely King’s Chapel, the Tremont Temple Baptist Church, Park Street Church, and the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul.

After assessing the existing effects that were visible from the street we contacted the facility manager of each institution to find out what additional equipment or procedure would help to enhance, restore or retain the intended lighting design. The resulting upgrades that we recommended and were implemented included adding astronomical timers to more closely control operating schedules, and replacing ballasts that had failed. Once these changes were accomplished we documented the improvements, suggested maintenance procedures, and evaluated the process by which Light Boston supports exterior lighting projects. The report also addressed possible future upgrades that might reduce maintenance further, by way of new technology or improved access, while preserving the original design effect. The client then asked for design of such features for the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul and Park Street Church.  Funding for design and implementation came from the Edward Ingersoll Browne Fund administered by the City of Boston and coordinated for this project by Light Boston, Inc.