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Trinitarian Congregational Church


When Trinititarian Congregational Church’s membership rose, it chose to expand its building to better accommodate members as well as provide a welcoming area for new visitors. Key goals were to define public zones with skylights, create evening lighting that felt comfortable and warm, and be energy efficient while taking into account frequent cloudy weather in the region.

WSP USA supported the architectural design of the Trinitarian Congregational Church’s Fellowship Hall and Multi-Purpose Room/Gym with modeling and review of both the natural and artificial lighting. The review with modeling facilitated decisions about the size, shape and placement of skylights as well as the quantity, detailing and distribution of light fixtures. 

This is an addition that replaces and expands on a previous facility that had moisture problems and had become too small for an expanding congregation. The total addition to the church, on the street level, is 27,700 square feet (2,573 square meters). Of that, the Fellowship Hall is about 2,600 square feet (242 square meters). 

The Fall 2010 edition of Northeast Sun magazine included a feature article about the project.