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Triskett Garage Rehabilitation

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) provides bus and rail transit service for the Cleveland, Ohio metropolitan area. RTA’s fixed route bus service was being operated and maintained from three operating districts (Harvard, Hayden and Triskett) and one central overhaul facility. RTA was considering rehabilitation of its Triskett District Garage to accommodate compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, increase its operating fleet from 161 to 190 buses, and upgrade the aging facility to an operational level achieved at the other two operating districts.


WSP USA assessed operating conditions at the existing Triskett District Garage, determined facility needs, developed design criteria and viable design alternatives, and was responsible for selecting, specifying, laying out and coordinating shop equipment requirements.

Three design alternatives were addressed in the Triskett Garage Rehabilitation project. One alternative focused on re-using as much of the existing structure as possible while meeting operating parameters to minimize construction cost and neighborhood interruption. The second alternative focused on re-using only practical building sections and integrating new construction to meet facility needs. The third design alternative involved scraping the site clean and building new facilities. All three of these design alternatives were required to be capable of accommodating up to 20 articulated, up to 15 forty-five-foot over-the-road, and a small number of circulator buses in addition to the standard forty-foot fleet.

Ultimately five design alternatives with cost estimates were developed, ranging from moderate modifications of the existing facilities to the construction of an entirely new facility. The design of an entirely new 215,000 square foot (19,975-square-meter) facility capable of servicing 190 buses was chosen by RTA, which included second floor offices for transportation, 16 servicing bays for equipment maintenance, and functional support shops for facility maintenance.

We provided full construction services on the project including incorporating RTA-established operational requirements throughout the construction process.