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Valley Metro Rail Program Management

Valley Metro is responsible for planning, designing, constructing and operating a 57-mile high-capacity regional rail system for Maricopa County. Under the Valley Metro brand, local governments, including 16 cities and counties, joined to fund the Valley-wide transit system. In order to improve overall performance and service delivery, Valley Metro sought an integrated approach to organizational development, financial planning, and project delivery.


To that end, WSP USA is providing strategic consulting services to Valley Metro to improve organizational performance and support delivery of expanded light rail, streetcar, and bus rapid transit services. Key goals include strengthening the agency’s capacity, reducing redundancies, developing innovative funding and financing strategies to address budget challenges, and improving regional mobility. As part of this work, a value capture analysis evaluated 28 transit-oriented development (TOD) sites in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, and Glendale. A dynamic model incorporated project costs, schedules, revenues, economic factors, and financing methods, as well as a qualitative screening of public-private partnership candidates in order to evaluate alternative program build-out scenarios. 

Value capture emerged as a very important approach to help expand the light rail system. The report recommendations support development of sound public policy, as it relates to value capture mechanisms and delivering necessary public infrastructure.