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Wallingford Energy Project


Wallingford Energy

WSP USA assisted the project owner/developer during the preliminary engineering phase and was subsequently provided full design services as part of an EPC team for this 250-MW peaking power plant. The facility, located on the site of an existing 21.5-MW oil-fired steam plant, offered many challenges above and beyond the extremely compressed design and construction schedule, which was dictated by a need to bring the plant on-line in time to meet summer peak demand.

Environmental considerations played a major role in the design of the facility. The existing brownfield site required immediate mitigation efforts and special handling of soil during site excavation. Facility design included decommissioning of the existing oil-fired plant and provisions for site cleanup following dismantling. Most importantly, the site frontage adjacent to a residential neighborhood required engineers to architecturally design and landscape the facility to lessen its visual impact. As a result, the completed facility looks more like an institutional structure than a power plant. The project design also included extensive measures to reduce noise and air emissions.

The Wallingford Energy Project provides two new 115-kV transmission line interconnects to the existing power grid plus extensive upgrades to the Town of Wallingford's switchyard. The peaking plant's new 115-kV substation is inter-tied with the town's substation in a ring bus arrangement so that the town has available a third 115-kV transmission line to bring power into the Wallingford substation.