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Whitman School of Management

With attention to energy conservation, building life cycle, aesthetics and operability, WSP USA implemented displacement ventilation air conditioning for the large classrooms and lecture halls

Bullet 160K SF
Bullet 200-seat auditorium
Bullet Under-floor air
Bullet Radiant heating/cooling

For the Grand Hall atrium, our firm employed displacement ventilation and radiant heating/cooling for the large glass structure.

Additional sustainable, environmentally-conscious features include:

  • Erosion control plans to reduce impact on water and air quality
  • Restored landscape areas with new trees to reduce impact of rainwater runoff
  • Special roofing to reduce thermal gradient difference between developed and undeveloped areas
  • Dedicated areas for recycling
  • Some building materials made with recycled content
  • Maximized use of daylight for lighting and heat
  • Under-floor ventilation to increase air circulation

Chilled water for cooling, steam for heating, and domestic hot water were obtained from the Syracuse University central plant. Connections from the University's district piping distribution were brought into the building for connection and extension. Safety emergency power was obtained from an emergency generator installed by Syracuse in an adjacent garage facility.