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We have unparalleled experience in creating stimulating and inspirational environments for learning. Our projects span the entire education sector, from nurseries and primary schools to some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

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Responding to education sector challenges

Our work is characterized by the delivery of well-designed buildings and infrastructure shaped by a profound understanding of the educational requirements of each individual establishment. Drawing on our local relationships and knowledge and global expertise, we support schools, universities, local authorities and government bodies in meeting the high standards demanded by today’s students while responding to the challenges of increasing budgetary constraints, our ever growing reliance on technology and the impacts of climate change.

Sustainable academic infrastructure

We design sustainable academic buildings that are healthy, safe and fit for purpose, and where a positive and productive atmosphere contributes to improved student attention by ensuring high levels of comfort, air quality, day lighting and acoustics. Our buildings are the catalyst for educational transformation where student outcomes are paramount.

It is not just about buildings; our transportation specialists develop safe and healthy ways for children to travel to school while reducing traffic congestion and pollution. In addition to designing inherently low-energy buildings we consider the environmental impact of educational facilities on their surrounding areas, addressing issues such as water, materials, ecology and land use.

21st Century learning environments

Whether our involvement is in a new build or the modernization of existing facilities, we work closely with our clients to develop flexible learning environments adapted to our increasing thirst for knowledge and the rapidly evolving needs of the 21st Century.  Above all we are committed to delivering sustainable solutions which support academic aspirations and help educational institutions attract and retain students and staff. 

  • Plumbing Engineering
    Plumbing Engineering

    Plumbing engineering is a discipline that is instrumental in safeguarding public health.

  • Commissioning

    With today’s facilities becoming more technically advanced than ever before, the pressures put on a building’s mechan...

  • Structural Engineering
    Structural Engineering

    Our structural group is internationally recognized for its pioneering innovation in structural engineering specializi...

  • Mechanical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering

    WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff delivers professional mechanical services enabling our clients to establish and control th...

  • Lighting Design
    Lighting Design

    Lighting affects all aspects of the human experience: - our senses, emotions, health and wellbeing.

De Anza College Mediated Learning Center
De Anza College Media and Learning Center

De Anza College Media and Learning Center

This 52,000 sf, state-of-the-art academic building is located on the main campus of De Anza College. The ventilation design uses 100% outside air, providing excellent air quality for the occupants.

LEED Platinum


Buoyancy ventilation system