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Corporate Governance


WSP USA works with honesty and integrity at all times. We understand that the future of our business depends upon the trust of our clients and other stakeholders and our reputation for technical expertise and reliable, ethical conduct.

Please consult our Code of Conduct, available on the Corporate Policies page of our global website, our U.S. Supplement to the Code of Conduct and our Non-Discrimination Policy - Title VI.

Third parties with limited English proficiency or disabilities who wish to conduct business with WSP may receive reasonable accommodations to aid in executing project deliverables. Please contact Lisa Loser at (717) 859-7527 with any questions on how we implement this policy.

Aquellas personas con dominio limitado del Inglés o discapacidad que deseen realizar negocios con WSP pueden recibir adaptaciones razonables para ayudar en la ejecución de proyectos. Por favor, póngase en contacto con Lisa Loser al (717) 859-7527 si tiene alguna pregunta sobre cómo ponemos en práctica esta póliza.