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Vision and Values

WSP's vision and values help to define the culture of the company, motivating our staff to give their best and instilling in our clients confidence that we will deliver solutions of the very highest quality.


Our Guiding Principles:

Our assets are our people and our reputation.
We are locally dedicated with international scale.

Our Vision:

We are future-focused and challenge the status quo.
We foster collaboration in everything we do.
We have an empowering culture and hold ourselves accountable.


Can we help societies thrive
in a world we do not control?

Can we anticipate the unforeseeable,
perceive the unexplainable,
and plan something unbelievable?

Can we design the unthinkable?

Can we think international
and still act local?

Can we nurture sustainable societies,
connect communities,
and seize opportunities?

Can we trace horizons,
hold true to our ambitions,
and hold ourselves accountable?

Can we design a place, where our friends,
families and neighbors, can thrive?

What if we can?