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Whistleblower Service


WSP has available to all of its employees a free, worldwide, confidential, multilingual, internet-based employee whistle-blowing service provided by the independent service provider Expolink.

Expolink can be contacted on an anonymous basis through its website at the following link: https://wrs.expolink.co.uk/wsp (ACCESS CODE is WSP) or by calling the following toll free U.S. number: 1-877-533-5310. 

The firm also provides protection against retaliation for anyone who makes a report in good faith. Acts or threats of retaliation must be reported immediately so appropriate disciplinary measures may be taken against those involved.

In the U.S., good-faith reporters are entitled to additional anti-retaliation and anti-reprisal protections provided by the U.S. Department of Defense and the State of New York.