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Transportation Key Hire: Michael Summers

Mr. Michael Summers, Program Manager, has joined WSP in the Cary, NC office. Mr. Summers has nearly 40 years of experience, including management of bridge replacement, bridge preservation and bridge inspection projects. He spent the last 27 years with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) where he coordinated right-of-way, utilities, permitting and funding for various bridge projects; generated engineering estimates for bridge replacement, bridge preservation and bridge inspection assignments to private engineering firms; and reviewed plans and contract proposals for bridge letting projects.


While working at the NCDOT, Mr. Summers managed all NCDOT purchase order contracts for bridge replacement and bridge preservation, the North Carolina Moving Ahead Bridge Replacement Program, the legislative funded bridge preservation program, and the replacement of seven bridges on the Outer Banks north of Ocracoke, NC.

As Program Manager, Mr. Summers will assist with North Carolina municipal projects, primarily those with Federal funding. He will use his experience to help identify eligible projects and assist with the funding and reimbursement procedures inherent in this type of work. Mr. Summers brings his unique set of skills to each project to help identify challenges early and promote effective coordination with different agencies for a successful project.

A resident of Raleigh, NC, Mr. Summers was educated in West Virginia and has taken courses at North Carolina State University.