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WSP offer 'Response Check' to organizations responding to CDP

Our North American business is now offering a new service that provides a high-level check for organizations completing their Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) 2011 response. Prior to final submission to CDP, we now offer Response Check, an external review by WSP, acting as a third party, to ensure the response is as complete as possible. We are able to offer the Response Check service as one of the CDP's accredited consultancy partners in the U.S.; CDP has trained WSP on the required methodology and process.


Eric Christensen, WSP Environment & Energy's Greenhouse Gas Practice Area Leader comments on the value of the Response Check service: "Our experience over many years of engaging with clients to support their CDP submissions has shown that organizations make inadvertent omissions in their CDP responses. These omissions can negatively impact the completeness of the response and the resulting score. We also find that most of these issues could be addressed fairly easily. Response Check is a valuable review to improve the completeness of the response."

Response Check costs $1,000 and organizations receive up to 5 hours of time from an experienced consultant at WSP who will review the final response and provide feedback via email and/or teleconference depending on individual requirements. It is then the responsibility of the responding company to decide to incorporate the Response Check feedback into their response and submit to CDP via their Online Response System (ORS).

Response Check does not guarantee a responding company a better disclosure or performance score, nor is it verification or assurance of a CDP response, confirms Eric Christensen. "The service focuses on completeness. The application of an additional set of expert eyes reviewing a response before final submission can be very valuable to companies who may have over-looked important details" says Eric.

The Carbon Disclosure Project is now into its 10th year of evaluating corporations on their climate change risks, opportunities, impacts, associated business strategies and performance. The CDP is a non-governmental organization that sends out an annual questionnaire to companies around the world (4,700 in 2010) on behalf of 534 institutional investors as of 2010, holding $64 trillion in assets under management. Since its inception, the CDP Investor program (https://www.cdproject.net) has become by far the most significant global evaluation of corporate climate change policies and practices. In 2010, 82% of the 500 largest companies in the world responded to the CDP questionnaire.