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High profile for WSP's leading-edge Cloud studies for salesforce.com

WSP's latest research work with salesforce.com to calculate the environmental benefits of the Cloud has resulted in a high profile blog by our client and an in-depth article in the leading online publication, Greenbiz.com, both referencing WSP's work.


Sue Amar, Sustainability Officer at salesforce.com has published an article called 'Introducing a better way to measure the Cloud's environmental performance'. In it she positions the output of WSP's research that establishes a concept of metrics around carbon per transaction which will level the playing field in measuring carbon emissions related to the Cloud's sustainability performance.

WSP's research has proven that in 2011, salesforce.com reduced the carbon produced per transaction by 20% despite their multi-tenant architecture processing 63% more transactions than in 2010, which included Chatter posts and edits to contact records etc. Sue Amar writes that salesforce.com's ability to decrease their carbon per transaction metric is a result of a commitment to energy-efficient architecture which includes eliminating idle server capacity as Cloud models streamline core IT operations.

Greenbiz.com has featured this development in an online article exploring how to measure the Cloud's impact. Our leading-edge studies for salesforce.com are well positioned in this article which concludes that the concept salesforce.com are positioning and running with, will enable customers to compare one service to another with more clarity.

salesforce.com state that by measuring results rather than merely monitoring activity, the new carbon-per-transaction metric will make it easier for organizations to make smarter choices about their IT investments.