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Integrating Sustainability into Strategy: Diving Deeper

On May 30, 2012 Josh Whitney, Senior Project Director with WSP Environment & Energy hosted a panel discussion, Integrating Sustainability into Strategy: Diving Deeper, at the Business Sustainability Speaker Series hosted by CORE & Net Impact in Denver, CO.During this panel discussion, he provided a framework necessary for assessing a company's position and potential for sustainability opportunities from the top-line to the bottom line.


He also touched on topics of integrating product design, the supply chain, customers and other stakeholders, and identified the need for setting a robust and relevant governance structure to incentivize and manage performance. "One of the key takeaways from our work with clients over the years is that this process is iterative and evolutionary," said Josh.

Josh was joined by panelists, Ben Moline, Manager of Water Resources and Real Estate, MolsonCoors Brewing Co; Ryan Martens, Founder and CTO, Rally Software; and Jim McManus, CEO, Boyer's Coffee, who discussed how they have been able to help their companies move from one-off projects to truly integrating sustainability into strategy which delivers measurable revenue, savings and sustainability performance. For example, Ryan Martens provided a glimpse into the future direction of Rally, which is looking for ways to innovate its core product offering to help its customers incorporate sustainability into their business operations. 

The event was a success with over 40 attendees, who enjoyed sunset views of the Continental Divide and beverages from the top floor of the MolsonCoors Tap Room in downtown Denver.  CORE will be expanding this Speaker Series into the summer and fall and will also be hosting more workshop oriented events. If you are in the Colorado area and want to learn more please visit http://corecolorado.org

Download a copy of the presentation slides.