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Webinar: Stable Isotope Probing-Removing Ambiguity from Bioremediation Assessment

Matt Burns, Senior Project Director at WSP, will be presenting information and case studies on stable isotope probing concepts and applicability in this one hour webinar on Friday, June 7th, 2013 at Noon EDT. The webinar is being hosted by Advanced Tools.


Horsepower based remediation may not be the most efficient class of cleanup technologies but when designed and implemented properly the expected results are usually achieved.  The promise of greener more efficient and less costly cleanups is driving the industry away from the "known" horse-power technologies toward manipulating unseen and not as well understood chemical and biological processes.

In this webinar learn about the tools used by remediation professionals to assess, design and monitor performance of in situ remediation are also radically different from tools used for traditional technologies.  The new tools, commonly referred to as environmental molecular diagnostics (EMDs), can cut through the unseen and provide definitive and actionable data.

A class of EMDs, stable isotope probing, involves tracking the fate of specially synthesized stable isotope (13C) labeled contaminant to unambiguously identify biodegradation by incorporation of the label into biomass and dissolved inorganic carbon. Combining Bio-Trap® samplers with stable isotope probing provides a powerful tool to definitively demonstrate engineered or naturally occurring biodegradation at contaminated sites.

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