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WSP Receives AISC Presidential Award for Chelsea Piers

The Chelsea Piers sports complex in Stamford CT, already the winner of two prestigious awards for WSP, has won a third notable award. The American Institute of Steel Construction’s highest honor, the IDEAS2 Presidential Award of Excellence has been awarded to WSP in recognition of this pioneering project. The structural design has also been widely praised for achieving a significant impact on the sustainability outcomes for this project and the local environment.


For WSP, the kind of thinking that produces such innovative solutions is ever-present in the philosophy of our directors and staff. Instead of advocating for the demolition and reconstruction of an old manufacturing facility to make way for a new column-free sports facility, WSP’s Jeffrey Smilow and Allen Thompson proposed an elegant and innovative solution: leave the existing building roof structure in place, structurally converting it into a “king post” truss system thereby achieving the multiple column removal (31 columns) while leaving the entire existing roof structure intact. The end result was not only extremely economical but also reduced construction time substantially. Our client’s goals were achieved well beyond expectations.

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