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WSP Receives Two Prestigious Industry Awards

WSP is pleased to announce it has received the highest honor, a Gold Award in the Business Achievement: Mergers & Acquisitions category from the Environmental Business Journal® (EBJ) and the Project Merit award for Smart Grid & Energy Management from the Climate Change Business Journal® (CCBJ). The EBJ and CCBJ, published by EBI Inc., are distinguished business research publications which provide high value strategic business intelligence to the environmental industry and the climate change industry, respectively. The awards will be presented at the Business Achievement Awards banquet on March 6, 2013 which will kick off the 11th Annual Environmental Industry Summit, in Coronado, California. The annual event is hosted by EBI and runs three days.


The Gold Award for Mergers & Acquisitions showcases the exceptional opportunity for WSP and Canadian consultancy, GENIVAR, to achieve the strategic ambition for global, diversified growth. The combined organizations have an enhanced platform to compete with the leading businesses in our sector. Our history validates the strong capabilities of each business in the environmental practices and our ability to offer fully integrated solutions to clients. President and CEO of the combined entity, Pierre Shoiry, recently stated "The combination of WSP and GENIVAR is compelling and results in a company with aligned strategic ambitions, a shared entrepreneurial spirit and a resolute focus on clients."

WSP will also be honored at the Environmental Industry Summit X with the Project Merit Award for Smart Grid & Energy Management from the CCBJ. The award recognizes WSP's role in completing a study and publishing the results, in partnership with the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), which focused on the impact of cloud computing on the environment to identify the most energy and carbon efficient IT solutions for small- and medium-sized organizations (SMOs). The analysis used for the study breaks new ground in identifying how best practice, average, and worst-case scenarios impact environmental performance when modeled across a variety of application and deployment types.

Commenting on the awards, Director of Environmental, Jan Chizzonite, said: "The awards recognize the efforts of our talented staff and our organization's commitment to environmental and sustainability practices. We are thrilled to be recognized for the quality and depth of services that we provide to our clients. I am proud to lead this group of skilled and knowledgeable individuals that day-in and day-out show their commitment to our clients and directly contribute to overall success of our organization."

Please visit the 2012 EBJ Business Achievement Award and the 2012 CCBJ Business Achievement Awards websites to read the complete award achievement write-ups.