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WSP contributes to Microsoft’s carbon fee white paper


As a follow-up to the guide, The Microsoft carbon fee: theory & practice published in 2013, Microsoft has released the white paper, Making an impact with Microsoft’s carbon fee, to provide an update on the progress made with the carbon fee since its implementation and takes a more comprehensive look at the funds collected through the fee. Dan Sobrinski and Derek Fehrer from WSP's Sustainability and Energy team consulted on and contributed to the white paper which will: 

  • Highlight how the carbon fee has helped Microsoft to have a measurable impact on their environmental footprint while enabling them to contribute to the broader good.
  • Reveal how, as Microsoft’s environmental initiatives deliver impact, they create even more demand for funding from the fee payers themselves: driving up the carbon fee and uplifting a virtuous cycle of investment.
  • Share their vision for future opportunities enabled by our carbon fee fund investments, particularly in the areas of technology innovation.

Download now.


For more information, contact:

Daniel Sobrinski
Daniel Sobrinski Vice President, Sustainability and Energy