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Asset Management: A Good Plan Today is Better than a Great Plan Tomorrow

Christian Roberts blogs for Infrastructure Week on the critical need for asset management planning as part of any infrastructure program.


Christian Roberts, director of asset management and business strategy, advisory services, WSP USA.
Christian Roberts
, our advisory services team's director of asset management and business strategy, provided commentary for Infrastructure Week.

"For our critical infrastructure the ability to efficiently and effectively manage the physical asset is essential to the economic development of the U.S.A.

Across the U.S., owners, managers and operators of fleet, facilities and infrastructure are faced with the increasing challenge of doing more with less; sustaining and increasing safe, reliable services, with aging assets and decreased funding. Across utilities, transportation and service sectors, asset management is being introduced as a means of driving operational efficiency of asset intense businesses through improvements to working practices, organization and technology support and critically through a more proactive planned approach."

Read the full blog post on the Infrastructure Week website.