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Australia/New Zealand  

Power Transmission and Distribution

As a market leader for over two decades, we have helped to power consumer's lives via robust transmission and distribution networks, including substations and more recently from sustainable smart grids.

Our engagements focus on securing network operational reliability, security and efficiency, and leveraging our breadth of expertise in low-voltage reticulation and distribution to voltages up to 500 kV.

Our comprehensive investigation work underpins reliable transmission networks and includes steady state studies, transient and dynamic stability studies, generation connection studies and a range of specialty assessments.

Substations are an integral part of the transmission and distribution mix. We specialise in the planning and implementation (including substation primary design, substation protection design, and control and automation system design), and detailed design and construction support of substations (including primary and secondary plant design, substation control system design, earthing design, and lightning and insulation coordination.)

As the need for sustainable power increases, WSP continues to deliver excellence and innovation in the growing area of smart grids. We have delivered projects in Australia, China, the USA, Europe and the Middle East, sharing global knowledge and harnessing lessons learned to better support our clients.