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Australia/New Zealand  

Geotechnical and ground engineering

Understanding the engineering behaviour and associated impacts of soil and rock is what our geotechnical engineers do best. Issues of strength, stability and durability (and where relevant contamination) are assessed, designed and managed. From high rise buildings to tunnels, roads, basements, retaining structures and river and coastal erosion, our team have the experience to design solutions which remove liability and optimise your assets. We help to manage environmental, sustainability and climate change issues to reduce risk, optimise opportunities, create competitive advantage and deliver responsible and sustainable businesses.


Designing and maintaining your assets

Geotechnical risks come in the form of soft ground, groundwater issues, earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, soil liquefaction, debris flows, rock falls, climate change and, where existing assets are concerned, general wear and tear, erosion and ageing. Our assessments will provide you with effective outline designs for new developments and restoration projects which will reduce total costs, optimise timescales and increase asset value. We are also skilled in implementing efficient monitoring and maintenance programmes to protect existing asset value and preserve robust safety standards. 

We understand what it takes to make a project commercially viable, safe, sustainable and effective.



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