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Australia/New Zealand  

Groundwater Management

We have one of the largest and most technologically innovative teams of contaminated land, hydrogeology and remediation experts in the industry. We are dedicated to eliminating your geo-environmental burdens by managing legacy issues through mitigating the risks posed by historic contamination and land use; protecting current assets through monitoring and management; and future-proofing to cope with an ever changing regulatory landscape and climate.


Reducing your costs and improving asset values

We know how to implement programmes that reduce the overall cost of a site, improve a site’s attractiveness to future users and which benefit the community. Our engineers, biologists, chemists, geologists, hydrogeologists, toxicologists and hazmat specialists combine their local knowledge of ground conditions with practical and innovative investigation, diagnostics and characterisation techniques to accurately profile your site. Our experience spans a multitude of sites and land use - chemical and pharmaceutical; roads and rail; oil and gas; mines and quarries; brownfield sites; retail; logistics; manufacturing; commercial developments; and residential buildings. Where appropriate we work with our remediation experts who use advanced tools and technologies to design and implement on-site and in-situ remediation solutions.

We have helped clients all over the world to quickly sell or purchase a site, gain planning permission, and avoid costly time delays and re-deigns by quickly characterising on-site water conditions. Our expert hydrogeologists design tailored solutions to help you protect water quality and security, characterise and abate groundwater contamination, and identify and plan around the presence of shallow groundwater and springs or abstractions to help you optimise your land use and value. We take a pragmatic and balanced approach to ensure our solutions deliver commercial, sustainable and regulatory success in the long-term.



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