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Shining a light on agile workplaces

Our office space can keep us healthy, happy and productive with elements such as sound and lighting having a direct impact on our workplace wellness.


This week, Fiona Venn, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff Senior Lighting Designer from our specialist Vision Design Team, will lead a panel discussion on ‘The beauty of light’ to explore the aesthetic and functional value of lighting in successful workplaces. 

Much of Fiona’s introductory discussion will hinge on light and its impact on our emotions and across different environments.

“In our quest for workplace flexibility and efficiency, configurable light zones that cater to different activities are being trialled with success.’

‘Immersive lighting for example, allows users to change their mood and their train of thought to increase both creativity and productivity.’

‘Escape zones in offices allow workers to bask in a sunset glow rather than under a harsh task light while research into our non-visual response to light and our sleep/wake cycle suggests that blue light can ‘wake-up’ shift workers, improve their mood and reduce on-the-job errors.’      

Sydney Indesign WorkLife 2015 is a series of panel discussions among industry experts and global thought-leaders exploring ‘The Future of the Workplace.’ A key event on the national design calendar, Sydney Indesign has drawn over 100,000 visitors since its inception in 2003.

When:  10.30am, Friday 14 August 2015
Where:  Viabizzuno Showroom, Level 3, 13-15 Levey Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008
More:  WorkLife 2015 ‘The beauty of light’ panel discussion.

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