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Australia/New Zealand  

Ann Merrick, a Project Controller by day and a Painter by Night

Project Controls Team Manager, Ann Merrick joined WSP in 2006, as part of the Transport team.


Having a passion for the financial control and analytics of major projects, Ann says, “The culture at WSP has been amazing ever since I started and has improved year on year. Whilst I’m not an engineer; working with them every day, I have learnt how to work with them to ensure we deliver the best outcomes for our projects.”

A change from the public to the private sector sparked an emotional attachment for Ann to the tangible evidence you see after a project is complete. “The best example of this was the Waterview Tunnel opening earlier this year in Auckland where I lived for five years. The team became my family and it was the best experience of my career to date” she said.

Moving to Melbourne in 2016, Ann has continued in her current role with a grand plan of setting up a team Australia-wide to influence the financial deliverables on all major projects.

Beyond her interest for numbers, the cultural vibe of Melbourne has reignited her inner Picasso to make time for her hobby of creating abstract art. “Painting was something I never really thought about until a colleague of mine took me to an art class, in Auckland. Now it is a way for me to express my emotions” says Ann.

A traveller who loves to explore nature, Ann’s long list of travel hot spots includes Zagori, a region in the Greek mountains, Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital and the white capped mountains of Oregon in the US.

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