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Australia/New Zealand  

Building Resilient Networks to Power our Communities

The Australian electricity market is seeing significant change with flattened demand growth and a change in the generation mix moving towards renewable energy as we transition to a low carbon economy.


To enhance our Power offering, WSP recently appointed Mr Winodh Jayewardene as Technical Executive – Networks and Connections.

Mr Jayewardene brings with him a broad range of experiences including connecting large megawatt scale solar and wind energy projects across NSW, Queensland and South Australia and is currently facilitating the connection of a 375MW hybrid wind and solar project in South Australia.  

Mr Paul Williams, Director of Power, ANZ, WSP said, “Winodh’s expertise particularly in both technical areas and understanding of current network issues will be crucial in shaping our future power system. We are very excited to have him on board and look forward to strengthening our networks and connections capacity.”

Mr Jayewardene is actively involved in industry having Co-chaired the CIGRE Next Generation Network (NGN) for young engineers, supported the Clean Energy Council in its Grid directorate and has authored several publications and presentations, most recently at the Wind Industry Forum 2017 titled “Unlocking Network Capacity to Accommodate Renewable Generation Through Dynamic Ratings” and “Anti-islanding Protection and Its Requirements in The Australian Context” at the Australian Protection Symposium, 2016.

Mr Jayewardene commenced in his role in July and is based in the WSP Sydney office.

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