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Building trusted client relationships with Abbie McQueen

An electrical engineer turned investment consultant in our Infrastructure Advisory team, Senior Consultant, Abbie McQueen began with the business in 2008.


Abbie says, “In almost 10 years with the business, I have had a diverse range of opportunities and project experience. Although I’ve now found my niche I’ve always felt challenged and engaged in my various roles.”

Abbie credits her role as the commercial manager to a team of 100 electrical engineers, as the leading factor to finding her specialty as an infrastructure advisory consultant.

She says, “It took time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. Experience led me to understand that my communication skills were one of my great strengths. This helped build my relationships with clients and now I’m a trusted advisor making important investment decisions for them. My skill set is quite unique and I think this has proven worthwhile in my roles.”

Beyond career aspirations, Abbie enjoys a thrill-seeking, adventurous lifestyle. Enjoying her time outdoors, Abbie and her husband are often found kayaking, mountain biking, travelling or even partaking in ultra-hikes around the greater Sydney area, or going as far as Iceland.

She says, “Our honeymoon in 2015 took us to Iceland where we soaked in some of the country’s amazing landscapes. We even hiked up Eyjafjalla Glacier, an ice-covered volcano. We were in absolute awe of the place.”

Sourcing inspiration from her mum, who encouraged her to remain level-headed and ever aspirant, Abbie concludes “Always play to your strengths.” 

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