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Celebrating Young Professionals Contribution To Our Business

With more than 35% of the Australian workforce falling into the Young Professionals/Millennials (YP) demographic it is important to consider their contribution and how they prefer to be managed.


This core group, who are sometimes known as ‘digital natives’, are making their mark by challenging the status quo and bringing new schools of thought to the Boardroom.

WSP’s YP network in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines is celebrating their new name, Pathways. Pathways brings together the successes and shared history of two highly successful YP groups into one inclusive group, which includes professionals with 0-10 years’ experience. Pathways provides opportunities for growth and development outside of the usual day-to-day roles for all young employees as well as contributing to our collaborative culture.

Pathways focuses on five key focus areas, these include:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Supporting and improving business initiatives
  • Technical and non-technical development
  • Networking
  • Accelerating development of future leaders

Electrical Engineer and Chair of Pathways, Anthony Pemberton says, “Over the six years I’ve been involved with the WSP’s YP network, I’ve always been amazed at the level of support shown by the business to our group; from our team managers, through to our sponsors and CEO. I have no doubt that my professional development has been accelerated by the opportunities provided to me by Pathways.”

ANZ Director of Environment and Pathways Sponsor, Jenny MacMahon says, “I have had the privilege of being involved in the Pathways program this year. It provides young leaders with the opportunity to ‘give-back’ to our employees and business, and our YP cohort with opportunities in training, mentoring, research and social opportunities. I have been inspired by their energy and ideas, their willingness and professional approach to being involved in projects and activities. Pathways has implemented some new initiatives this year including Build Your Own Project which resulted in Arvind Deivsigamani’s recent manuscript submission for the National Acoustic Conference in Perth. As a parent of three young adults at various stages of their early work lives, I have witnessed the challenges associated with transitioning from academic to work-life and it gives me great pleasure to be involved in WSP’s growth and development of our YPs and their transition.”

Structural Engineer and Pathways Vice-Chair, Shadack Sallephour concludes, “The strength of WSP’s YP network brought me to the business. It’s an initiative that sets the business apart and will keep bringing graduates and under-graduates to the business. We are a positive and driven group of young professionals who are passionate in our respective roles and share a common interest in wanting to help others move forward in their careers.”

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