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When CEOs are asked what keeps them awake at night the response usually includes, “Digital disruption.” The rise of mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) have made digitisation a core driver of disruption.


Research undertaken by McKinsey suggests digitisation is in its infancy and that we are entering an era of profound technological advances which will further disrupt conventional businesses and create new ones.

Although presenting challenges, disruptive innovation also creates opportunities for businesses to embrace the inevitable transition and implement changes that enrich and transform their customer’s journeys.

At WSP, we embrace disruptive innovation as part of the process of creating places and cities where communities can thrive. Places and cities that: are connected by world-class mass transit systems; include resilient buildings and superb shared spaces; have secure sources of power and water; and, are developed with collaboration with local citizens. These equally important parts of a great place or city are underpinned by technology and data. 

The utilisation of the IoT and big data to develop places and cities is becoming increasingly important.Henry Okraglik, Director of WSP’s Digital services said, “We work with transport agencies, water authorities, and property owners and developers, to create smart infrastructure, precincts and utilities. We also develop tailored web and mobile applications some for some of Australia’s leading companies, and State and Federal governments.”

At the core of WSP’s Digital services is the collection and analysis of big data. Our team leverages big data, the IoT and technology to help clients gain new insights to better and more cost effectively manage their assets.

Mr Okraglik added, “Regardless of the type of projects we work on, we focus on using data in purposeful ways to help clients and their end-users.”

Below are examples of some of WSP’s digital solutions.

•        SmartWorkzones (MyRo): This is an IoT project for VicRoads, using roadside Bluetooth and radar devices to detect real-time traffic performance (i.e. speed, occupancy, volume, and classification and point-to-point times) and based on business rules, it alerts motorists in real-time about traffic conditions and the best routes and alternatives to make their journey faster and less stressful. This project is being developed in conjunction with WSP’s Intelligent Transport Systems’ team. 

•        Real-Time Building Monitoring: Working for the Industry Superannuation Property Trust, WSP is connecting more than 250 utility meters (for water, gas and electricity supply) in 43 commercial buildings across Australia, to enable real-time monitoring and reporting of building performance. The information gathered will help the building operators manage the buildings more efficiently which will subsequently help to attract and retain tenants.

•        Telstra Digital Workflow: Partnering with Telstra, WSP developed the Online Forms and Digital Workflow solution for the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS). We took the complex paper based forms and built an online solution, which enables clients of FACS to apply for housing assistance in a user-friendly online environment while reducing cost and processing time.

Click here to watch Telstra’s Digital Workflow video.

Mr Okraglik said, “We pride ourselves on consistently striving to be the best in what we deliver to our clients and to ensure we understand their objectives and requirements. We take the time to understand their broader business strategy and then drill down to questions like, why are we collecting this data? Who will be using it? When and how will it be used? What are you trying to achieve?” 

While these questions seem simple, they are fundamental in helping a client to implement digital transformation in their business.

For more information about WSP’s Digital services contact Henry Okraglik.

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