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Australia/New Zealand  

Exciting times ahead for Transport Engineer, Jennika Alatorvinen

Jennika Alatorvinen joined the WSP Nordics business in 2014 working out of our Helsinki office. Moving to Auckland in June this year, Jennika cites the opportunity as, “one I could not let slip. I love to explore the world and to be a part of a growing company in NZ is extremely exciting.”


A Transportation Engineer, Jennika aims to bring to her Auckland team, a vast array of experience thanks to some major projects in Finland, a sense of leadership having previously held a position as team leader as well as a different point of view courtesy of our extremely innovative Nordics business.

“I’m eager to build my skills on some of NZ’s biggest projects. Broadening my skill set, whilst also experiencing life abroad was a huge factor in my decision to move here,” she says.

Not afraid of new challenges, Jennika moved to the Finnish capital of Helsinki from Lapland in the far north. Her decision to chase a career in Environmental Engineering, stems from her Sami cultural heritage. The indigenous culture of the Nordics originate from the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the far west of Russia. Land use in Lapland is a major political issue, and to Jennika the best way to influence this and to eventually give back to her culture is to have an in-depth understanding of it.

“To me Lapland is the most beautiful place in the world, it is my home. I think NZ in a lot of ways is similar to Lapland, the scenery of the country is amazing and I think the people are also very friendly.”   

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