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Australia/New Zealand  


WSP has appointed Mary Haverland as Technical Executive, Transport Planning. Ms Haverland has taken on an Australia-New Zealand role – leveraging over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors across Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom.


Throughout her career she has collaborated with policy makers, customers, and clients including long-term secondments into Transport for New South Wales, Transport for London and Transport for Greater Manchester, UK. This has given her a deep understanding of best practice infrastructure delivery and a holistic approach to transport and land use policy and planning.

Scott Ney, WSP’s Section Executive for Integrated Transport Planning (ITP) welcomed Ms Haverland’s appointment, commending her leadership in influencing strong and considered government policy on a national and global scale.

‘Mary’s broad background provides us with a renewed perspective in planning for our future cities with transport that is fully integrated with the customer of the future.’

‘Mary’s appointment is an intentional move to grow our policy capability and compliments the work we’ve been doing on Sydney’s Future Transport Strategy, where WSP has been working with Transport for NSW to develop a policy for growth over the next 40 years. Mary will join the project team to advise Government on the best processes and mechanisms to successfully deliver future transport solutions.’ said Mr Ney.

Ms Haverland joins our team of 800 transport specialists across Australia New Zealand and is a critical appointment for our ITP team. She has a particular focus on strategy and front-end planning, with a passion for connecting people and developing the next generation of transport professionals.

Ms Haverland commenced in the role in late June and is based in Sydney.

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