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Kara Agllias, living every day better than the last

Civil & Environmental Engineer Kara Agllias joined our Newcastle office in 2013 as a Graduate. Exposed to engineering from the age of 5 courtesy of her father, she says, “One of my earliest memories was when my dad, who is also an engineer, took me to the steel works. I got to see molten steel and wear a hard hat. Engineering has been a part of my life ever since.”


Kara’s early career with the company began in 2007, whilst on work experience at high school. From here, Kara was offered a cadetship opportunity where she developed her passion for water through exposure to complex projects. She says, “Since day one the company has offered so many great opportunities. The exposure to mentors and unique problem solving projects have been fuelling my passion and success to date.”

One for the road less travelled, Kara is always looking to plan her next adventure. That road has already taken Kara on student exchange in Sweden, travelling the Trans-Siberian railway through Russia, Mongolia and China as well as hiking through Chile, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia. Beyond travel Kara is a volunteer for the SES and manages her own side project aimed at attracting young people into Landcare.

Looking towards the future, Kara parts with, “I truly believe you can learn something from everyone and that every day is an opportunity to grow. I think my best achievements are ahead of me.”

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