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Living a Healthy and Balanced Life with Jean Clendinning

Organisational Development Executive, Jean Clendinning joined WSP in 2009. Part of our Human Resources team, based in Sydney, Jean is responsible for the development of our staff across Australia and New Zealand at all career levels.


She says, “My aim is to enable people to be the best they can be, that’s why development is my passion. Some of the programs that I manage include Thrive, graduate, high potentials, management and leadership programs, which have been recognised by industry. These aim to enhance personal and behavioural skills; giving each employee the tools required for a successful career now and in the years to come.”

Coupling her other great passion for mental health and mindfulness, Jean says, “As part of every program, I share knowledge and useful tools to cope with stress and anxiety. Sharing this knowledge is about assisting our employees live a balanced and happy life.”  Jean is also one of WSP’s Mental Health First Aiders.

Practicing what she preaches, Jean’s daily mindfulness routine includes, meditation, a daily reflection journal, either a spin cycle or yoga class and an hour’s walk all before work; and most importantly, catching up on the latest news from Manchester United.

Jean concludes, “Mindfulness is so important in everyone’s life; if I’m going to talk the talk I need to be able to walk the walk. My favourite saying is, ‘let go of what no longer serves you’, for me being in the right state of mind and body is the best way to achieve this.” 

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