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Australia/New Zealand  

Living life on the edge with Audrey Vieille

Audrey Vieille joined our business in 2015 as a Graduate Fire & Risk Engineer in our Property team relocating from France to join our Brisbane office.


Audrey describes her time with the business as “An exciting two years. I’ve loved the challenge and scope of work. The opportunity to move for work was slightly daunting but also liberating, so there is no way I would change that.”

Audrey moved back to New Zealand in 2016, this time moving to our Transport team, to work on the major Waterview Tunnel project in Auckland.

She says, “Transitioning to the Transport part of our company, has expanded my skill set, having moved from project design to project delivery. I’ve enjoyed my time on the front line. I miss the sunshine of Brisbane, but I love Auckland. I think it suits my personality more, the people are friendly and the scenery is breathtaking.”

Audrey debates, “Having grown up in the French Alps I have always loved hiking and skiing, so what better place in the world is there to live in than New Zealand?”

Having a ‘whichever way the wind blows’ attitude as well as the desire to challenge herself, has given Audrey the ability to cope with change. She has studied in Northern Ireland, interned in the U.S, lived in Brisbane, Wellington and Auckland, she has been a volunteer fire fighter back in France and has worked across several industries.

She says, “Coming from a tiny village of 200, I didn’t need inspiration. Volunteering as a fire fighter kick started my passion for Fire Engineering, but it was more my desire to be different. A quest to see the world and to challenge myself in different ways.”   

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