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Meagan Salter traces her passion for water to her childhood

Celebrating her 10-year anniversary with WSP this year Team Manager, Water, Meagan Salter says “My time with the business has always been full of opportunity. Constantly meeting new people and working on amazing projects has made my time with the business a great experience. I think the people in the business are the key to success.”


A career spanning 15 years, Meagan has worked across structural engineering and water projects from Perth to London and is now based in Melbourne. Her move to the water sector can be traced back to her early life, “I grew up on the water in Perth, this and the work experience I did in high school initially, sparked my interest in water projects. Upon returning from London in 2006, I went back to the water sector. Part of it was my desire to create something that was long term, something that was more tangible and made a genuine difference to people’s lives.”

Megan speaks about her desire to lead teams and constantly question the status quo. Meagan is a problem solver; she finds that pausing to ask why we need a service or project leads to great success. She says, “The complexity of major projects is exciting. As a manager, I really enjoy working with good people to achieve great outcomes. Outcomes that directly address the ‘why’, the reason we do what we do”

Inspired by people who achieve great things, you will find Meagan enjoying a latte with her family and friends after her morning exercise routine on the weekends. The mother of two, cherishes family trips to the park and zoo and loves spending time in her garden growing flowers and fruits. 

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