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Australia/New Zealand  

Natalie Lukies pushes for renewable power

Joining the WSP Power team in 2015, Engineering Manager, Wind, Natalie Lukies aims to create a sustainable future leveraging nature’s assets with one simple goal: Help create a future where renewable energy is our one true source of power.


With 13 years’ experience across the renewables and mechanical engineering sectors, Natalie has spent the last nine years crafting her expertise in wind and solar energy through projects in Australia, India and waste/ biomass/ biofuels energy services during a year working in the UK.

Natalie was able to fulfil a career goal in early 2016, where she combined her years of experience from Australia, Asia and the UK to present her paper on ‘Realised Wind Farm Degradation Losses’ at the Clean Energy Council.

 “The Clean Energy Council is the peak body for clean energy in Australia, the exposure I received as well as WSP was invaluable. The opportunity to spread my ideas on a topic I’m extremely passionate about to a crowd that’s as engaged as myself, was a huge thrill. The presentation was one step of many in show casing WSP’s strength in the market,” Natalie states.

Natalie’s passion for the natural environment extends beyond her profession. A nature enthusiast and a member of the Victorian Rogaining Association, Natalie enjoys the use of a map and compass to navigate her way through our pristine national parks.

Natalie concludes, “I’m excited by the future of the renewables sector. I hope that by the end of my career I can say that I’ve truly made a difference.”   

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