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Nicole’s Hook, Line & Sinker for Water

Senior Water Resources Engineer, Nicole Geale joined the business as a graduate almost 10 years ago. Starting her career in our Sydney office in natural resource management, Nicole now works in the water resources team and relocated to the Brisbane office two years ago.


Nicole is now leading one of the flooding components of the Woolgoolga to Ballina (W2B) Pacific Highway Upgrade project.

She says, “Working on the W2B project has offered terrific exposure and technical experience for myself. I got to work on the biggest and most complex flood modelling program WSP has ever worked on, in Australia. It created opportunities for me to engage with subcontractors and clients requiring adaptability in my communication testing my time management skills daily.

Being involved in this project has almost caused a bit of a career re-shuffle, I enjoyed learning the client side of the business during the design and construction stages. Project and team management is a definite career goal of mine now.”

Adaptability to new environments has always been a strong part of Nicole’s life. Growing up in country NSW, she moved away from home after high school to study in Sydney, she says, “I looked to my Dad’s career achievements across 40 years in the surveying and engineering industry and knew early on, that I wanted to work on complex and challenging projects the industry presented. He always empowered me to chase my dreams and to seize opportunities as I saw them, I’d like to think I have done exactly that so far in my career.”

Since moving to Brisbane, Nicole has made the most of the warmer weather. She says, “My husband and I really enjoy our fishing and snorkelling. Some of the waters around Brisbane are awesome for this but I don’t think they can compare to Fiji or Hawaii. I caught a one metre Spanish Mackerel in Fiji, my biggest one yet.”

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