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Procuring the Built Environment

Earlier this month WSP’s Director of Business Growth, Andrew Schroth was a panellist at the joint Master Builders, Australian Institute of Architects, Australian Institute of Building, Consult Australia and Engineers Australia, Future Built Environment Opportunities Lunch held in Perth.


Left to Right: Andrew Schroth (WSP), Basil Georgiou (Jackson McDonald), Greg Nairn (Lavan Legal), Murray Simcock (Australian Institute of Building) Suzie Hunt (Australian Institute of Architects), Andrew Durkin (NS Projects).

The event brought together a host of industry experts sharing their knowledge to question the need to change how we procure the built environment.

Leveraging 35 years of experience across all procurement perspectives, Mr Schroth raised the following point, “Not much has changed in procurement through my career. There is now an opportunity to change the procurement process and make it a more ‘value based’ approach for all parties involved.”

Current industry standard for procurement lies in the Request for Proposal and Request for Tender phases; Mr Schroth believes that by this time in the procurement cycle it is too late to make yourself known. Traditional procurement has long lead times, the value of time and money is not considered and the cost to the industry is enormous; there is only ever one winner and many losers.

Mr Schroth says, “Using the traditional procurement methods you are essentially lining-up with all other competitors on the same playing field. The probability of winning the contract is greatly decreased, therefore wasting time and money.

There lies an opportunity in the pre-tender stage to be different, to stand out and challenge the existing. Show the client that you’re the consultant of choice.”

Mr Schroth concludes “We as a business are working from a model where V=B-C (value equals benefit minus cost). Selling the benefits of our services moreover than cost will aid the process of procurement and ensure we establish ourselves as the lead consultant.”

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