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The capacity for connected technologies to be used to disseminate information more rapidly to road users than ever before is a key driver in the development of transport networks that support more reliable travel.


Simon Latham, Principal Transport Planner at WSP explained the change in industry focus from transport efficiency to reliability.

Mr Latham said, “As users we are increasingly looking for more reliable journeys over faster ones. New technology coupled with considerate operational planning can help us to manage the risks to the reliable operation of our transport.

“System based strategies that support more reliable travel such the ‘MyRo Smart Workzone’ system is currently being implemented and trialled across projects both locally and nationally.”

Mr Latham added, “Reliability will continue to be a key driver which underpins transport scheme developments. The other critical driver is new technology, it helps create networks that more resilient and sustainable for the long term.”

Along with other speakers from WSP, Mr Latham will be presenting with Senior ITS Engineer Shivaani Polley at the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management’s National Conference this week in Melbourne.

WSP speakers

—       Wednesday 16 August 2017, 11.00am, Reviewing the Benefits: Post Completion Evaluations in Planning and Practice. Presenters: Sarah Lowe (together with Sarita Narayan from VicRoads).

—       Wednesday 16 August 2017, 11.00am, Congestion Charging – Sustainable Transport Policy in Sweden. Presenters: Dirk Van Amelsfort from WSP in Sweden.

—       Wednesday 16 August 2017, 1.30pm, Parking Technology and Sustainable Transport. Presenters: Athol Moore and Wayne Glenn.

—       Wednesday 16 August 2017, 1.30pm, Estimating Residential Public Transport Trip Generation Rates. Presenters: Jihyung Kim (together with Alexa Debosc and Chris De Gruyer from Monash University).

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