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Who Designs Density? 5-Day Roadshow on Cities Development Wraps Up

On Friday, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff wrapped up a five-day roadshow which focused on cities development and density.


Wayne Bretherton, Director of Property & Buildings ANZ, led the roadshow and said, ‘We bought together key stakeholders from industry and Government to start a conversation about the challenges and opportunities, we will collectively face as we create cities for the future. We all have a role to play in urbanisation and creating a vision for our cities.’

Keynote speaker Tom Smith, Global Director of Property and Buildings at WSP, also shared some global insights and lessons learnt from abroad.

Some of the key themes that were discussed are:

1. How can we collaborate more across industry, Government and community to create great places?

2. What funding models will underpin future development?

3. How can we best leverage technology in urban environments?

4. How can we increase the levels of engagement with citizens, around future development?

5. How do we develop globally competitive cities?

Thank you to the panellists and audience/attendees who participated in the discussions. Stay tuned as we will continue the conversation with new thought leadership mid-year.

Canberra (left to right): Niall Cunningham, WSP; Tom Smith, WSP; Richard Phillips, Canberra Airport; Kristi Jorgensen, Purdon Planning; and Richard Palmer, WSP.

Brisbane (left to right): Niall Cunningham, WSP; Tom Smith, WSP; Wayne Bretherton, WSP; Elizabeth Watson-Brown, Architectus; Christopher Mountford, Property Council of Australia; and Richard Palmer, WSP.

Sydney (left to right): Richard Palmer, WSP; Brendan Lyon, Infrastructure Partnerships Australia; Romilly Madew, Green Buildings Council of Australia; Eamon Waterford, Committee for Sydney; Tom Smith, WSP; and Niall Cunningham.

Adelaide (left to right): Matthew Salisbury, WSP; Wayne Bretherton, WSP; Richard Palmer, WSP; Megan Antcliff, Investment Attraction South Australia; Mark Devine, Renewal SA; Tom Smith WSP; and Niall Cunningham, WSP.

Melbourne (left to right): Richard Palmer, WSP; Niall Cunningham, WSP; Neil Stonell, Grimshaw; Marion Terrill, Grattan Institute; and Tom Smith, WSP.

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Monday 3 April 2017