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Program Management

Complex, large-scale programs are unique in terms of requirements, scope and priorities. Our program management approach is to consider the project as distinct but integrated components that require a holistic perspective.

Program management is a true collaboration with clients that ensures project delivery is effective, cost-efficient and innovative from an overarching perspective. Representing client interests throughout all project phases, the program manager oversees implementation across the planning, design, procurement, construction and operations stages.

Program management

Our team combines deep industry experience with best-in-class project management processes, techniques and tools for success, to provide our clients with:

  • Strategic advice and planning
  • Risk management
  • Interface identification and coordination
  • Issue escalation and resolution
  • Performance metrics and analysis
  • Planning and assurance for sustainability and safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) objectives
  • Resource management
  • Effective communication
  • Accurate and timely reporting

A program inherently carries an appreciable amount of risk to baseline targets for overall cost, schedule, quality and safety.  Consequently, it is a project management best practice to define, track and mitigate these risks. Three elements are vital to successful risk management:

  • Knowledgeable personnel who can properly assess and guide mitigation efforts, based on proven risk assessment, risk analysis and risk management processes
  • Timely and continuous assessment of risk as conditions change throughout program implementation
  • Comprehensive inputs on potential risks from a wide range of stakeholder perspectives including from the client/owner, designer, contractor, operator and the ultimate occupier/user