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Today 8 million people fly every day and 50 million tons of cargo are transported by air each year. Aviation is an essential part of daily life around the world. This sector drives innovation and technological advances to lower logistics costs and enhance efficiency and reliability.


Airlines and airport authorities need to ensure that their organizational structure, operating models and airport infrastructure capacity can meet the air travel growth forecasted in the next 15 years.

We have delivered more than 1,500 aviation projects worldwide, at more than 400 national and international airports in over 40 countries. Our projects range from microsimulation models to master plans, from terminal design to carbon accreditation, and from rehabilitating runways to baggage handling systems. We understand the pressures that our clients are facing and we create forward-looking solutions that meet today’s requirements.


Airlines and airport authorities must be innovative in diversifying their revenue streams by developing non-aeronautical activities and creating a vibrant airport city. This may include a variety of amenities in passenger terminals or developing landside areas with business and industrial parks, logistic hubs, hotels, transport infrastructure and retail developments. Enhancing customer experience across all aspects of air travel, from reservation to touchdown, while respecting regulatory requirements, improving safety and security and keeping costs down, can help grow competitiveness and possibly increase profit margins.

Our knowledge and experience enable us to identify and develop the best solutions to expand existing airports or design and build new ones.


Our team around the world responds to client needs locally while tapping into global experience. We combine the vast knowledge of an international professional services firm with an extensive range of specialized in-house aviation services. Small or large, single facility or entire airports - we have the experience and expertise to support clients every step of the way.

Services we provide:

  • Management
  • Master planning, facility sizing and regulations
  • Strategy, forecasting and financial analysis
  • Airport security and safety
  • Passenger terminals, control towers and other airport buildings
  • Airside infrastructure
  • Landside infrastructure
  • Airspace navigation and meteorological aids
  • Cargo, testing and fixed-base operator facilities
  • Communications and IT networks
  • Environmental Services
  • Airport cities, free trade zones
  • Heliports
  • Technical and business advisory
  • Software solutions

Our multidisciplinary team delivers fully integrated solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

For additional information, contact us.