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Rail and Transit

Today, rail vehicles move on long stretches without freight nor passengers. These rolling stocks have to be maintained in a few large and inefficient workshops demoting competition, binding vehicle resources, wasting time and incurring unnecessary costs.
BRT is expanding as a global transportation strategy. Project sponsors and planners will benefit from the early efforts in multi-jurisdictional engagement presented here.
Freight rail or supporting logistics pit-to-port infrastructure in Africa is generally poor - characterised by inefficiencies, maintenance issues, long delays and consequent high cost.
Galileo, Europe's new global navigation satellite system, could revolutionise 'Train Location Management' and transform the passenger's journey.
The Northwestern Pacific Basin Region in which this bridge is located is the most active cyclone basin in the world and almost one-third of the world’s tropical cyclones occur here each year.
Case studies to Identify and evaluate sustainable design measures for two light rail extension projects are presented. By incorporating some of these measures, the transit agency contributes to the greater resilience of the communities in which it operates and the region as a whole.
The path to a point of safety - the cross-passage - and required evacuation time for passengers downstream of a tunnel fire site are analyzed.
As Oil Transport by rail continues to Increase, so do the numbers of Oil Train Accidents. WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff staff in Lac-Mégantic worked to rebuild their town after it was badly damaged by an oil train accident.