Health and safety

Health and safety are an essential part of who we are and what we do; they remain at the forefront of our concerns at all times. We will comply with all relevant legislation and aim to ensure the absolute health and safety of our employees and others who may be affected by our activities.


With employees in around 40 countries, it is essential that we take a robust and consistent approach to health and safety. We ensure that health and safety remain “front of mind” for all employees by means of regular communications and compulsory training. In this regard, our Global Head of Health and Safety champions our strategy to instil a positive safety culture, joined by our Leadership Teams who ensure we provide visible and tangible safety leadership, wherever we operate in the world.

Our commitment to safety is outlined in our Health and Safety Policy, which establishes a framework for our health and safety program and underpins our efforts to proactively incorporate health and safety expectations and standards into all aspects of our business.

Making Safety Personal

“Making Safety Personal” means that we are all accountable for fostering a safe workplace for ourselves, and others potentially affected by our activities. It also means that the leadership team of each of our businesses must identify and minimize risks and ensure that their business, regions and teams comply with our health and safety requirements.

Zero Harm

We recently embarked on a new health and safety strategy aimed at supporting our regional teams to consistently implement and maintain our Safety Management Systems. Our primary aim is to ensure we are able to effectively monitor, prevent, reduce or remove the risks associated with the work our employees and sub-contractors undertake.