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UK Implementation of Industrial Emissions Directive

Changes to the Environmental Permitting Regulations, to implement the Industrial Emissions Directive, will soon be announced and come into force from 6th January 2013.


June 2012 marked the end of the consultation by Defra on the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). The Directive will recast seven of the most important industrial environmental Directives, including the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive, the Waste Incineration Directive, the Large Combustion Plant Directive, the Solvent Emissions Directive, and a number of specific Titanium Dioxide Directives.


We expect to see changes around:

  • Stronger more consistent application of best available techniques (BAT), including full public reporting and justification of any departures from the BAT criteria set out in Sector Guidance.
  • New BAT conclusions and the reference to sites delivering 'BAT Associated Emission Levels'.
  • The requirements for site contamination condition reporting, including more explicit need for quantified site baseline condition data and a committed monitoring programme.
  • Changes in the management of emissions from large combustion plants including new emission limit values and a new 'transitional national plan' for introduction, along with opt out procedures.
  • New prescribed activities in the waste sector where the IED will extend to include activities such as composting, anaerobic digestion, some MRFs and waste water treatment activities amongst others.
  • We will also see changes in the regulation of activities including combustion, incineration, timber treatment and some food and drink processes. 

Defra will introduce the formal enacting regulations through an amendment to the Environmental Permitting Regulations. Whilst we expect these changes to be an evolution of what is already in place, we do anticipate significant potential impact for many  industrial operators.


We are hosting a number of seminars to position exactly what changes are being introduced through the Directive and the implications of them. Our seminars will last for an hour and provide ample opportunity for questions and continued conversation over drinks and canapés. 

London, 1st November, 5.30pm - Chancery Lane, WC2A 1AF
Birmingham, 6th November, 8.30am - One Queens Drive, B5 4PJ
Leeds, 8th November, 8.30am - City centre location
Manchester, 8th November, 5.30pm - City centre location


Industrial operators will see a significant impact on their business; however, those operating in power generation, waste management and recovery, timber treatment and food and drink will also be impacted and should attend.