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Canada and Sweden launch cleantech matchmaking platform

New cleantech matchmaking platform offers exciting and novel opportunities to companies, business leaders, and municipalities in Sweden and Canada.


Canada Sweden CLeantech Matchmaking Platform

What do WSP in Canada, WSP in Sweden, Malmö Cleantech City (business start-ups supporter) and Invest in Skåne (foreign investment promoter) have in common?

They’re all participants in the Sweden-Canada Cleantech Matchmaking Platform, an initiative that aims to address growing worldwide interests and challenges in sustainable urban and city development. The Platfortm enables participants to explore business opportunities and sustainable solutions within the cleantech sector; exchange knowledge, technologies and processes; and promote innovative collaborations between start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors in the cleantech, energy and environmental technology sector.

The idea for such a program was born last summer after Charlotte (Lotta) Hauksson, Multidisciplinary Project Manager from WSP’s Malmö office in Sweden, visited the Halifax, Nova Scotia office for a five-week work exchange. Little did she know that this visit would spark an international sustainability partnership with the support of colleagues, companies and municipalities in Canada and Sweden.

Business Development - Matching supply and demand

The idea behind the Sweden-Canada Cleantech Matchmaking Platform is simple. Our clients in the sustainability sector require unique green solutions and ways of expanding their business to new locations. Consequently, our huge global network and vast reach brings about possibilities to connect our clients to one another and support them globally in the planning, implementation, testing and evaluation of green technologies. The clients benefit from expanded business opportunities and new technology, along with support in penetrating the Canadian or Swedish market. 

“The launch of this initiative has piqued the interest of many clients in both countries,” says Kourosh Rad, Urban Planner in the Halifax office, who leads the inititiave in Canada. “Many public and private sector clients in Nova Scotia, including municipalities and developers, have shown much interest and support in applying Swedish success stories to greener technologies in Canadian communities. For WSP, this means exciting, innovative contracts in the sustainability field.”  

The Swedes have an impeccable reputation for, among others, their state-of-the-art green technology for solar energy, wind energy, and water and wastewater facilities. The Canadian Embassy in Sweden is actively supporting the platform by hosting Cleantech networking events and helping the business go both ways.

Next on the agenda

A webinar was held for the official launch on January 23 and included a discussion on the platform’s goals and the challenges and needs of “Sustainable Development in Hyllie”, a city district in Malmö, Sweden, whose aim is to become the poster child for climate smart living.

On April 14, WSP in Sweden will host alongside the Canadian embassy, Malmö Cleantech City and Invest in Skåne a business mingle - networking event for those interested in doing business in Canada.

Going forward, five webinar sessions focusing on specific sustainable technologies or related topics will be held over Lync with study visits to Nova Scotia and the Skåne region. 

Webinar agenda:

17 April Water and Wastewater, hosted by WSP’s Halifax office

20 May (Cleantech Capital Day). Cleanweb, the Next Big Thing in Cleantech webinar, hosted by Malmö 

End of June Webinar (topic TBD), hosted from Nova Scotia

End of September Webinar (topic TBD), hosted from Skåne

End of November Webinar (topic TBD), hosted from Nova Scotia

WSP colleagues in Nova Scotia will welcome Skåne delegates during the week of September 7, 2015.  All Skåne-based companies interested in doing business in Nova Scotia are welcome to join the delegation for a visit to Canada – plenty of matchmaking activities are on the agenda.

For additional information, consult Cleantech Matchmaking or contact Kourosh Rad, Urban Planner (WSP in Canada) or Charlotte Hauksson (WSP in Sweden).