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WSP merges its three French subsidiaries

This spring, WSP Global completed the merger of its three French subsidiaries, Technip TPS, WSP France and WSP Flack & Kurtz, to form WSP France.


The merger, which came into effect on April 1, 2015, provides our clients and partners with an integrated team of professionals in Buildings, Industry and Infrastructure. We have five offices in France, with our main office located in the 12th arrondissement (administrative district) in Paris, as well as outposts in Asia and the Middle East.

“We are therefore looking ahead with confidence and the ambition to pursue our development based on the quality of our projects and client service” says Eric Falleur, President of WSP France.

Here are some sample projects that WSP France carried out:

Airbus A380 Assembly Plant (Lagardere)

Airbus A380 Assembly Plant in Toulouse-Blagnac

Main services: Owner’s engineer and assistant to contracting authority (ACA); General site design; Specific technical supervision; Technical and architectural supervision of sub-projects that are not directly designed; General planning and coordination; Complete budgetary control; Information management; Work and synthesis management; Electronic data management.

 Purpan Hospital in Toulouse - overview

Purpan Hospital in Toulouse

Construction of hospital comprising 550 beds and 27 surgical units.

Main services: Owner’s engineer; Works management; Scheduling, steering and coordinating; Synthesis cell; Electronic data management.

Zénith de Limoges

Zénith de Limoges

Construction of a 6,000-seat flexible entertainment venue comprising meeting and conference rooms and 1,500 parking spaces.

Main services : Technical owner’s engineer; Structural engineering; Thermal engineering; Electrical engineering; Site cost control; Project planning; Partial execution studies; Synthesis.

Emirates Airline maintenance centre in Dubai

Emirates Airline maintenance centre in Dubai

Construction of A380 maintenance centre at the Dubai Airport.

Main services: General design (HVAC, fire safety, plumbing, compressed air production, high voltage electricity, low and high current, bridge cranes and paint booths); Preliminary sketch design to project study phases.

 Façade du Théâtre national populaire, Villeurbanne

Théâtre national populaire, Villeurbanne

Reconstruction of the stage house and annexes; Rehabilitation of building complex including the theatre (700 seats), local and community spaces, municipal swimming pool (excluded from rehabilitation); New construction of Becker building comprising a 250-seat modular hall and training rooms.

Main services: Technical, structural and financial owner’s engineer; Structural engineering; Thermal engineering; Electrical engineering, Project finance (TCE description); Electronic data management.