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Phoenix Towers, Wuhan, China

Commissioned by China’s Hua Yan Group, the Phoenix Towers will be the world’s tallest pair of towers, an iconic landmark within an ambitious environmental master plan for Wuhan, the capital of central China.

They sit on an island in one of the city’s largest lakes, and provide not only a focal point for a 3 km long avenue but a range of environmental functions.

The taller structure will stand 1 km high, with multiple filtration systems to purify Wuhan’s air and lakes, as well as around 100 storeys of office, retail and residential space. The second tower includes a vast vertical garden, and leisure facilities such as restaurants, bars and galleries.

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff will provide the structural design for the towers, which will have a steel superstructure and concrete core and base.

Status Construction 2015-2018 
Floors 100
Height 1000 m
Type Mixed-use
Client HuaYan Group
Architect  Chetwoods
Our Services Structural Engineering