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Alison Groves honoured by GBCSA

On Friday, 6 November 2015, at the Green Building Convention the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) announced the 2015 winners of the Green Star Leadership Awards – and Alison Groves, Principle Sustainability Consultant for WSP Africa, was honoured with the Established Green Star accolade.


The Green Star Leadership Awards was started in 2011 to acknowledge projects and project teams for their ongoing contributions to design, build and operate better, green buildings in South Africa.


According to Brian Wilkinson, CEO of GBCSA, “This Established Green Star award recognises people who have continually contributed to the green building economy and in particular through Green Star SA buildings. The award aims to give recognition where it is due, for people who are actively changing the way the world is being built – and for their leadership, passion and contribution to the green building space.”


The annual Green Star Leadership awards consist of four categories, though only two categories recognise the contributions to the green economy by individual professionals, that is - the Rising Green Star and an Established Green Star. Individuals are nominated by independent Green Star assessors and technical working groups based on their Green Star engagement. Additionally, although the evaluation period extends to however long the induvial has been involved with green buildings in South Africa, the recognition period to quality for these awards is based on their contribution during the one-year period between the previous and current Green Building Convention.


“We are extremely proud of and excited for Alison, for winning this prestigious award. It gives acknowledgement to Alison’s personal passion for green buildings, as well as her leadership in our Green By Design team. Recognising Alison in this way is an indication of her ability to encourage her team’s competencies, quality services and credibility by our clients and peers in the industry,” says Mathieu du Plooy, Managing Director of WSP in Africa.




Alison Groves
Alison Groves Regional Director