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432 Park

A hallmark project of New York City's supertall, super slender revolution, 432 Park is the tallest residential building in the world. The building, a perfect square, stands 1,398 feet and has a slenderness ratio of 15:1. WSP USA designed both the structural and MEP systems on the project.

432 Park Avenue

The project's structural system aligns with the architect's vision of visual simplicity while providing effecient and flexible floorplates that can be customized by apartment owners. Another major challenge was preventing building sway.

To combat these challenges, our team designed two high-strength concrete tubes to form the building's core. The interior tube, which forms the backbone of the building, contains elevators and stairwells. The outer tube is the tower's perimeter beam and column frame. Two tuned-mass dampers weighing 1,300 tons are on the 84th floor. Open floors spaced evenly throughout the building allow wind to pass through it, greatly reducing building sway.

These open floors also contain the building's mechanical drums, freeing up more space in the building for apartments. Our MEP systems focused on eneergy efficiency and renewable technology with a viable economic basis.